Hvitsten Salong - 2017

Hvitsten, Norway - Hvitsten Salong - 2017

Hvitsten, Norway
fredag 28.7.2017
Fra 19:00
sundag 30.7.2017
Opp til 19:00
Hvitsten, Norway
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We are all set for this year Hvitsten Salong.


Opening friday the 28th of july at 19.00.

Art performances on friday and saturday will be announced in the program that can be picked up at the church, the pub or be seen here on facebook.

The pub will be open from 21.00 on friday the 28th and from 18.00 on saturday the 29th.


Andreas Ihlebæk in Hvitsten church – fredag 19.00
Legs 11 - at Sjøboden – fredag 21.00

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Arnt Håkon Ånesen - at Sjøboden – lør 19.00
Bosses Bongoband - at Sjøboden – lør 21.00

Cover charge conserts friday: 250,- (inc. both conserts)
Cover charge conserts saturday: 150,- (inc. both conserts)

We have Vipps, BUT prefer cash, also at the pub!

Ewa Polska (POL)

Hanne Friis:

Herman Mbamba

Mikolaj Malek, (POL):

Christian Messel:

Nina Berg

Endre Mathistad

Johanne Hestvold:

Jørund Aase Falkenberg:

Ole Hvidsten:

Anna Daniel:

Aleksandra Miztur (POL):

Agniezka Golaszewska (POL):

Christian Tony Norum:

Petter Ballo:

Kristian Skylstad:

Ayman Azraq

Kristian Castro

Pablo Castro:

Carsten Aniksdal:

Jakub Rożej (POL)

Bob Connolly:

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen:

Mari Østby Kjøll:

Urd J Pedersen:

Andrea Bakketun:

Halvor Rønning:

Lise Wulff

Øyvind Mellbye

Andreas Ihlebæk
Bosses Bongoband
Arnt Håkon Ånesen
Legs 11

There are trains going to Vestby (34min from Oslo and 14 min from Moss) and busses down from Vestby to Hvitsten by the fjord (12 min). There are unfortunately no busses leaving Hvitsten at night to the trainstation in Vestby.
If you come with car you can park on the big parkinglot just as you enter Hvitsten.
There is a designated area for camping in Hvitstenveien 28. Right in the midts of Hvitsten with a ocean view :) Unfortunately it´s not allowed to camp in the parks or at the beach. There are also some few airbnb hosts in Hvitsten, just search on their website.
Further we urge everyone to show respect and courtesy to our surroundings, people and nature!
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