10 000 side-kicks in 2017

@Kick10k2017 - 10 000 side-kicks in 2017

laurdag 30.12.2017
Fra 23:00
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Let's practice one kick 10 000 times in 2017.

I have chosen the side kick.

If you can do 100 kicks two times a week, in 50 weeks. Then you're there.

AND REMEMBER 10 000 WITH BOTH LEGS!!! That's 20 000 in total.

Post your countdown here and use it as a motivation to go on, and help us in our motivation.

The rules are simple:

You can do variations of the side kick. But it must be a side kick.
You must do 10 000 it with both legs.

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It must be in 2017

Share this if you want to challenge your friends!

Now let's kick it! #kick10k2017
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